Booking Le Gai Séjour starts from as little as 15€ Per Person per Night (based on a party of 6 people), to just 20€ Per Person per Night in high season.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to eMail or call us. eMail is always preferred for clarity, and we guarantee a rapid response.

Seasonal Prices 2023-2024

Seasonal Prices/Night & Week € (Euros)
Per Day/NightSchool Holidays*Per WeekService Charge
Early Low SeasonJanuary9010060035
Early Mid SeasonApril9010565035
High SeasonJune10012070035
Late Mid SeasonSeptember11511570535
Late Low SeasonNovember9011067035
* Please see the table below for the French school holiday dates that are always in high demand. Early booking is highly recommended of you wish to secure these dates.

Notes on Prices – Please Read Carefully

All prices are in € Euros. Please use the Currency Converter on this page to check this in your own currency.

The gîte is only ever rented as a whole unit and no discount is offered for smaller parties.

The minimum stay is 2 nights, though this may differ at peak periods such as Christmas, School Holidays etc. This will be made clear via the Book Online tool or by us via eMail or Phone.

*Certain periods (such as Christmas) are a little more expensive than average prices, and these can be checked & confirmed by using the Book Online App on each page. You can just check the total price without actually booking.

French School Holidays 2023-2024

Autumn Half Term21/10/2306/11/23
Xmas Holidays23/12/2308/01/24
Winter Half Term10/02/2411/03/24
Spring Holidays06/04/2413/05/24
Summer Holidays06/07/2405/09/24
  • Electricity

Electricity consumption is the responsibility of the guests and must be paid for at the end of the stay: the electricity meter will be read in the presence of the guests on arrival and on the day of departure.

  • Taxe de Séjour

We are legally obliged to collect a small tourist tax (Taxe de Séjour) on behalf of the local authority (Caen la Mer), but are unable to include this in the booking process as the computer program cannot currently accommodate it.

We will advise you of how much this will be in advance, but can only do so once we know how many days and adults it includes.

The Taxe de Séjour is set at 5% per adult (18+). Minors (Under 18) are exempt.

What is certain is that this will never exceed 2.30 € per adult per night, as this limit is set be French law.

As such, we will advise you of how much this will be in advance, but can only do so after we have received the details of your booking. The reasons for this will become clear from our explanation of the rather convoluted equation we have to use to calculate it below.

How it’s calculated

The Taxe de Séjour rate is set at 5% of the total per night price. This refers to the base rental price and doesn’t need to take account of our final cleaning fee, or any extras you may wish to include.

This is then divided by the total number of guests, but is only charged to the adults (18+) in your group.

Finally, we have to multiply this by the number of nights of your stay.

This is best understood by an example:

Low Season Rate = 124 € per night.
No. guests = 4 (comprising 2 adults + 2 minors under 18).
No. nights = 5


124 € divided by 4 times 5% = 1.55 € per night (per adult)
1.55 € x 5 (nights) = 7.75 € (per adult) for entire stay.
Total tourist tax cost is therefore 7.75 € x 2 (adults) = 15.50 €

When we receive your booking details therefore, we will calculate this correctly, before adding it to the remaining amount due after the 20% booking deposit.

This way you can settle this small tax burden up-front, and not have to worry about paying cash when you arrive.

For our part, we are obliged to pass this on in full to the local tourist authority every month. We make no profit whatsoever on this, despite the extra administrative burden it places on us.

Calculate Your Total Taxe de Séjour

Want to calculate this without doing the maths? Just download this tiny spreadsheet (in Excel, but will open & work in Libre Office Calc too), adjust only the BLUE cells and reveal the total cost instantly.

  • Please ensure you cross-reference with the prices table above to check which days apply to different seasonal rates. For example, if you stay for the last 3 days in August and the first 4 days of September, the September prices will be lower than those for August.
  • If any premium or discounted rates apply (e.g. Christmas), it will make very little difference to the final figure, and we will confirm the cost at the time of booking anyway.

Download the Taxe de Séjour Calculator

  • Optional Extras

Optional Extras as ordered direct (by eMail or phone) or via our Online Booking app.

  • Sheets, Linen & Towels
  • WiFi Connection
  • Water
  • Credit Card Payment Fees
  • Basic Household Consumables (toilet roll etc. See Consumables)
  • Garden Maintenance

We offer two distinct optional extras as a possible part of your stay, notably intensive English lessons and military history tours with an expert guide.

The latter can be conducted in in either French or native English, and the full details can be found here.

English lessons, most notably conversation need to be more personalised to your existing level of fluency and/or can be adapted specifically to children or teenagers in need of intensive exam revision. Clearly this is aimed more at our French visitors, but may equally apply to those who speak English as a second language.

Please feel free to contact us regarding either service and we will be happy to try and accommodate your needs.

Please check our News Section (Special Offers Category) for details of any current or ongoing Special Offers.

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