Before Booking Online (or just checking availability), please have a quick read-through our Checklist. It’s a very simple process, but understanding the interface will save you any delay or frustration caused by errors.

Also, it’s always possible to return to the previous screen if you need to change or check any detail. Just click the ‘Return‘ button at the bottom left of each screen. None of the data you have entered will be lost.

The interface screenshots featured below differ very slightly on mobile devices, but the functions are exactly the same.

Booking Online Checklist

First, choose your preferred language. Currently six languages are available, notably English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese & German.

You can always change the dates if you made an error or change your mind.

This symbol simply means the maximum number of guests is 6 people (you can however add a extra toddler if you bring your own cot). You specify the actual numbers at the next stage.

Make a note of the FREE CANCELLATION cut off date!

IMPORTANT: We only have the one cottage, so click on the drop-down arrow and select ‘1’. This will enable you to proceed to the next step.

Now specify the number of adults (18+). This will enable us to accurately calculate and inform you of the total ‘Taxe de Séjour’ (Tourist Tax).

If less than 6 adults, specify the number of children and their ages.

Now click ‘Reserve‘.

The next screen enables you to pre-order any Additional Extras.

Clicking ‘Continue‘ will reveal a résumé of your booking, together with a Contact Details form in which ALL fields are required. Please also indicate your likely Time of Arrival, any Special Requests, and don’t forget to read (copy & paste if you wish) then tick the Terms & Conditions box to ‘Continue‘.

Check the updated résumé of your booking and complete the Captcha to move onto a final résumé and the Deposit Payment stage.

There are various methods of paying the deposit ..