In this section we’ll try to give you all the information you need to plan and enjoy a peaceful and trouble free stay at le Gai Séjour.

We may have missed something though, so would be very happy to hear what it might be via eMail. Likewise, if you have any supplementary questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

You’ll also find a mapped résumé of local services right here.

Five Day Forecast

Lion-sur-Mer, FR
07:3720:32 CEST
Feels like: 3°C
Wind: 13km/h S
Humidity: 91%
Pressure: 993.57mbar
UV index: 0
13°C / 10°C
14°C / 11°C
16°C / 12°C
17°C / 13°C
18°C / 10°C

The Calvados Climate

Lion-sur-Mer enjoys the benefits of the Gulf Stream but remains sheltered from the Atlantic, keeping the climate moderate and comfortable most of the year. The garden is doubly sheltered, being south-facing, making it a haven of sunshine in the spring and summer (often in autumn & winter too) and well sheltered from the occasional, sometimes dramatic winter storms in the Channel.

The Four Seasons


Spring arrives early in this part of Normandy. Early March usually sees the trees breaking into leaf, wild flowers emerging, and migratory birds returning to build their nests. The beach remains fairly quiet, especially during the week.


This is the most beautiful time of year. Long hot summer days are eclipsed by long, warm evenings that enable you to wine and dine in the garden until darkness finally falls. Even at the height of the season, the shear size of the adjacent beach still makes finding a quiet spot easy.


Again, a wonderful and colourful time of year, and still possible to enjoy warm sunny days well after the harvests have been gathered. Late September and October are usually quite stunning. The temperature can drop at night but a jumper or cardigan is usually sufficient to remain outdoors.


Frosts are relatively rare in this part of France, but when they do occur, they are not usually harsh or lasting. It does snow sometimes, but this is very rare. If you’d like the vast beach almost to yourself, this is a great time to visit.

Average Temperatures & Sunshine Hours

Average Temp. °C5.
Sunshine Hours69.684.3125.6167.3193.7213.5207.1204.4167.2117.879.461.4
Remember, these are just average temperatures. Sometimes it can be a great deal warmer (well over 30°C in the summer) and very occasionally, a shade colder in the winter!

Tidal Charts

It’s always a good idea to know how high or low the tide is here, both for safety and pleasure. Click the button below to see accurate tide charts for the beach right next to you.

Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

Sorry, we don’t accept pets.

Public Transport

Public Transport is generally cheap and reliable in France, so if for example you wish to spend a day or evening eating and drinking in Caen, or a day out in Bayeux without fear of having one too many glasses of wine and getting stopped by the police, we recommend the public transport option.

By Bus

Twisto serves Lion-sur-Mer as an extension of the urban/suburban lines from Caen, while Nomad (formerly Bus Verts) serves other rural lines, though you’ll have to go to Caen first to pick up a Nomad bus.


Buses 12, 12e (Express) and 22 run between Lion-sur-Mer and Caen.

We would strongly recommend using the 12e (Express) service whenever possible, as this takes you directly to Caen city centre. The stops you want are Bas Lion (Lion-sur-Mer) and Tour Leroy (Caen Centre).

The 12 (non-express) service takes a good deal longer, but if you enjoy meandering through the villages it’s always an option.

In either case, if you want to take the train from Caen to Bayeux, Paris or elsewhere, just stay on the bus until it terminates at Caen Bus Station, which is right next to the Railway Station.

Be aware that the last buses back to Lion-sur-Mer are currently as follows:

Monday to Thursday 20.29
Friday & Saturday 22.30 or 00.40
Sunday 18.15 (Departs from Belivet, not Tour Leroy)

Bus 22 terminates at Calvaire Saint-Pierre, which is a fair way from the city centre, but right opposite a Tram stop, which will take you into the city centre on the same ticket.

Both trams (T1 Direction IFS Jean Vilar & T3 Direction CAEN Presqu’île) will take you to the city centre, where you should get off at Saint-Pierre. Follow the process in reverse for the return journey.

We provide bus route maps up-to-date timetables for both services in your Information Pack, and you can always check them by visiting the Twisto website, and specifically the downloadable timetables section.

Ticket Prices

You can buy tickets as you board the bus, and you must validate them using the electronic reader to the right of the driver.

Currently the ticket price is 1.60€ for any journey or subsequent link (via tram or bus) within the same hour.

If returning on the same day, or you want to rove around Caen using buses or trams, we recommend getting a 24 hour ticket, which is currently priced at 4€.

Be aware that ticket inspectors are very active on the network and you risk a 60€on the spot fine if found without a valid or unvalidated ticket.


The Nomad website can help you connect to most towns & villages in the region by public transport, but as stated above, you’ll need to start from Caen Bus Station via a Twisto bus from Lion-sur-Mer.

By Train

From Caen Railway Station, you can be in Bayeux in 16 minutes, thence a short walk into the old city centre. Just follow your eyes towards the cathedral spire.

A regular service also runs from Caen to Paris St. Lazare and takes around 2 hours.

SNCF Caen is served by various French cities (and intermediate stops) including:

Rouen Rive Droite
Le Mans

Check full details at SNCF (web site also in English and German).

Medical & Emergency Services


For everyday pharmaceuticals, you’ll find a pharmacy here in Lion-sur-Mer, more or less opposite the small supermarket at:

26 Bd Paul Doumer, 14780 Lion-sur-Mer.

Their opening hours are as follows:

Monday to Friday 9am – 12.15pm
  2pm – 7.30pm
Saturday 9am – 12.15pm
  2pm – 7.30pm
Sunday Closed


There are two General Practitioners in Lion-sur-Mer:

Dr. Christian Chatelier (Male) | Tel +33231973843
Dr. Raphaëlle Berge (Female) | Tel +33231974205

Both are based in the surgery behind the church at:

16 Place des Victimes du 2 Juillet 1944, 14780 Lion-sur-Mer.




Medical Help/SAMU 15
Police – (Police Nationale – Gendarmerie) 17
Fire & Accident/Sapeurs Pompiers 18
SOS – All services (recommended when calling from a mobile) 112
SOS – All services (hearing assisted – via SMS and fax only) 114

For more information, including some useful vocabulary for non-French speakers, please refer to this English language guide.